Liquid Hand Soap Bag Refill - 32oz.


A luxurious, gentle hand cleanser that keeps skin clean, balanced, and hydrated. With a gentle, coconut-based cleanser, hydrating glycerin, and soothing chamomile for a thorough clean that doesn’t dry out the skin.

A gentle cleanser that keeps skin feeling hydrated and balanced.

Bright, citrusy bergamot and wormwood with smooth lavender and palo santo base notes for a clean and calming feel.

Reduce, Refill, Recycle!

This refill contains the amazing coconut-based formula you've come to love in our Liquid Hand Soap Starter bottle. Use this refill for up to two refills in your glass starter bottle. This bottle is fully recyclable and can be dropped into your curbside pick up bin when you are done with it.*

Quick PSA: This soap was initially developed to be used by our hospitality partners in their hotels and restaurants. We’ve been planning on releasing this soap but wasn’t going to launch anything until mid-2020. Given the current situation with COVID-19 we wanted to have something ready to go in the interim to not only support more healthy handwashing but to also support our business.

*Though these are fully recyclable - we are planning on rolling out a "send back" program for these jugs where we will ship you a replacement refill and include a pre-paid postage envelope to ship the empty back to us to be cleaned and reused.

**Bottle pictured above is not included with the purchase of this refill product. To purchase the bottle please see our Liquid Hand Soap Starter.